Add a DAO to Tally

Adding a DAO to Tally is easier than ever! You can get started in a few quick steps, even if you don't yet have a contract.

Select the  Start a DAO button on the Tally home page.

In the pop up window, enter the name of your DAO and select Next.

Tell the world a little bit about your DAO's mission and vision, then select Next.

If you still need to connect your wallet, Tally will prompt you to do so. Once you're connected, you're all set to click Next one more time.

The last step lets you preview your DAO. Just click the Submit button to make it official!

You'll be taken to your DAO Settings Page, where you can link your Governor contract and Gnosis Safe, manage DAO admins, and update DAO info. The Getting started checklist at the top will help you onboard your DAO to the Tally ecoystem!

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