Add your Governor with the `tally-publish-dao` Hardhat plugin

At Tally we always want to improve the experience of our users and all the DAOs that are part of our amazing community. At the same time, we want to make the experience of being listed on Tally as easy and straight forward as possible for everyone.

With that in mind, we decided to create the `tally-publish-dao` Hardhat plugin to allow contract developers to directly add their Governor DAO to Tally without needing to use a UI.


Using the Hardhat Plugin

Using this plugin is really simple. First, install the the npm package needed.
If you’re using npm, run this command in your project:
npm i -D @withtally/tally-publish-dao
If you’re using yarn, run this command in your project:
yarn add -D @withtally/tally-publish-dao


After install, the package will require some additional packages to function properly. 

To install the dependencies with  npm, run this command:
npm i -D “caip@¹.1.0” “graphql@¹⁶.5.0” “graphql-request@⁴.3.0” “wretch@¹.7.10” "@nomiclabs/hardhat-etherscan" "@nomiclabs/hardhat-ethers"
To install dependencies with  yarn, run this command:
yarn add -D “caip@¹.1.0” “graphql@¹⁶.5.0” “graphql-request@⁴.3.0” “wretch@¹.7.10” "@nomiclabs/hardhat-etherscan" "@nomiclabs/hardhat-ethers"


After installing all the dependencies, import the packages in the hardhat.config.js or hardhat.config.ts file.

import "@withtally/tally-publish-dao";


Call the Tally publish DAO plugin from your contract's deployment task.


When you run the deployment task, your DAO will be added on Tally!

We hope that you use and love this new way of adding your DAO to Tally. Jump to our Discord to share your experience and let us know what else you would like to see at Tally!

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